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Reynolds Roofing TX is the best waterproofing contractor in Texas with more than 20 years’ experience in different waterproofing and roof coating systems. Waterproofing and protective coating solutions come in a variety of forms and can be applied to above or below grade decks, exterior walls, foundations, slabs, retaining walls or basement walls. Reynolds Roofing TX is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for commercial and residential waterproofing systems. We specialize in: Roof Coating Systems, Waterproof Deck Coatings, Wall Coating Systems, Penetrating Sealers, Stairways, Walkways, Balconies, Pool Decks, Roof Decks, Landings, Patios, Deck Repair, New Construction, Renovation, Rust Removal, Metal Repair, Dry Rot Repairs, Railings, Water Drainage, Sloping Control, Stucco Repair, Slip Resistant Surfaces, Custom Colors, Finishes, Textures and more.

Coatings eliminate landfill waste caused by expensive roof tear offs, and offer sustainable and renewable solutions for roof restoration. Ten years after the initial application, the coating can be refreshed for a fraction of the original cost, and offer another ten years of worry and water-free roof protection. Coatings also reflect heat in the form of solar radiation. Black roofing or metal roofing products can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees! With the application of the proper white reflective coating, as much as 90% of that heat is reflected back into the atmosphere, saving you money in air conditioning costs. Finally, coating systems offer significant tax advantages in the same year they are installed. Contact Reynolds Roofing TX today to find out more.

In addition to offering a great warranty, you should know that Reynolds Roofing TX is certified by the majority of commercial roofing manufacturers. This certification includes rubber roofs, especially EPDM rubber, which is very popular due to its economical and long lasting qualities. TPO, PVC (great for restaurants!) and asphalt (built up and SBS) are also certified. Lastly, our roof coatings are certified, which can fix leaks, waterproof, or reflect Ultra Violet rays that could destroy your roof.

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