Home Improvement Packages

Reynolds Roofing TX is a full service, residential roofing company. Not only do we install complete roof systems, we also understand the economic importance of performing yearly inspections to ensure your roof, and all of its accessories, reach their full life expectancy. We will complete a full roof inspection, detailed with photos of extensive damage, with every roof repair we perform. Depending on the condition of the roof, our roofing experts will offer a solution to fit your home’s needs.

We offer many packages to choose from:

Preventative Maintenance Package: Stay on top of the normal wear and tear of your roof

  • Secure & Re-nail all flashings
  • Seal all flashings, vents, and exposed nail heads
  • Repaint flashings, roof vents, wind turbines…
  • Repair missing shingles
  • Identify major problem areas

Deep Cleaning Package (Add-On): Add this great deal to your Preventative Maintenance Package

  • Removal of debris from your roof
  • Removal of debris from gutters
  • Tree trimming away from roof

Critter Control Package: Keep those furry friends where they belong, and not in your home!

  • Find & seal any entry ways into your attic
  • Cover roofing vents to prevent unwanted entry
  • Custom made metal flashing to prevent rodents from chewing their way into your attic

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